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Multiple Uses

Design custom brackets to meet your cooling and ventilation needs.

  • quiet fireplace fan

  • cool and ventilate crawl spaces

  • cool AC inverters

  • barns and storage sheds

  • run on battery and solar

  • cool and ventilate grow rooms

  • cool and ventilate office cube

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Quiet Fireplace Fan
How Does it Work?

Your quiet DC Ventilation fan is placed beneath the firebox where it draws cooler air from floor level and gently circulates it around the warm firebox and further into the room.

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Distributes Heat More Efficiently

The Quiet Fireplace Fan fits in the space under the firebox and increases heat distribution by quietly pushing the warm air into the room.  This fan also reduces the tendency for direct vent fireplaces to overheat the mantle. These fans are quiet, energy efficient (less than 8 watts) alternatives to standard high speed blowers (typically 60-100 watts).

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These fans are designed to work in DIRECT VENT GAS FIREPLACES and are NOT appropriate for use with ventless fireplaces, wood burning fireplaces and stoves due to their higher operating temperatures.

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